quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2015

GNS3 1.3.0 Lançado

Pessoal, foi lançada a versão 1.3.0 do GNS3 e dessa vez parece que eles acertaram, o emulador nunca esteve tão rápido e funcional, segue os change logs direto do site:

Changes since alpha 1 are the following:

  • New title for VMs/Devices/routers preference pages.
  • Deactivate auto idle-pc in contextual menu while we think about a better implementation.
  • Optional IOU license key check.
  • Relative picture paths are saved in projects.
  • Relative path support of IOU, IOS and Qemu images.
  • More checks when automatically starting the local server and find an alternative port if needed.
  • Support for HDC and HDD disk images in Qemu.
  • Fixed base IOS and IOU base configs.
  • Fixed GNS3 console issues.
  • Renamed server.conf and server.ini to gns3_server.conf and gns3_server.ini respectively.
  • Remove remote servers list from module preferences + some other prefences re-factoring.
  • Automatically convert old projects on remote servers.
  • Bump the progress dialog minimum duration before display to 1000ms.
  • Fixed port listing bug with Cloud and Host nodes.
  • Fixed Qemu networking.
  • Give a warning when a object is move the background layer.
  • Option to draw a rectangle when a node is selected.
  • New project icon (little yellow indicator).
  • Default name for screenshot file is "screenshot".
  • Alignment options (horizontal & vertical).
  • Fixed import / export of the preferences file.
  • Fixed pkg_ressource bug.
  • Brought back Qemu preferences page.
  • Include SSL cacert file with GNS3 Windows exe and Mac OS App to send crash report using HTTPS.
  • Fixed adapter bug with VirtualBox.
  • Fixed various errors when a project was not initialized.
  • Do not give attachment warning for generic attachments in VirtualBox.
  • Fixed bug when starting a packet capture in VirtualBox with the project path containing spaces.
  • Use TCP instead of Telnet to communicate with Qemu monitor.
  • Have the server look in the right place for relative image paths.
  • Fixed bugs when checking if this is a local project.
  • Properly restore configs for Dynamips routers.
  • Fixed rename bug for linked clones in VirtualBox.
  • Makes absolute path checks work on Windows.
  • Upload IOURC file via the web interface
  • Upload interface allows users to choose an image type.
  • Fixed suspend and resume for Qemu VMs.
  • Fixed crash when you start capture on a non running IOU.
  • Fixed Telnet server initialization issue in VirtualBox.
  • Disconnect network cable if adapter is not attached in VirtualBox vNIC.
  • Fixed duplicate VM template entries for Qemu, VirtualBox and IOU.
  • Fixes issue when VBoxManage returns an error.
  • Alternative local server shutdown (faster GUI closing on Windows).
  • List the iourc file in upload handler.
  • Fixed hostid error.
  • Support RAM setting for VirtualBox VMs.
  • Request user permission to kill the local server if it cannot be stopped.
  • Grey out local server preferences if the local server is not activated.
  • Adds "template" to the Wizard titles.
  • Option to automatically take or not a screenshot when saving a project.


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