sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2016


Bom pessoal, essa dica é pra galera que mora fora do Brasil ou conhece alguém que more nos países participantes, a Cisco está dando de graça um access point Meraki + 3 anos de uma licença de gerenciamento na nuvem para quem se registrar e participar dos webinar do seguinte site:

As regras para participar:

Free AP for IT Professionals - Details
Full-time IT professionals can receive a FREE Cisco Meraki MR access point (AP)* with a 3-year cloud management license. While Cisco Meraki webinars are open to all audiences and while APs may be offered at live events, to be eligible for a free AP, participants must:

Attend the live event or the live webinar in its entirety
Provide a valid company name and website
Be an IT professional working in one of the countries listed below and have an active role of managing, maintaining, or monitoring their organization’s network infrastructure, and be employed by the company
Not be a partner, reseller, or consultant
Register with a shipping address in the US, CA, UK or the rest of the EEA, Croatia, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, or Puerto Rico. We cannot ship free APs outside of these regions and cannot ship to post office boxes.
If from a European country, provide a valid VAT ID for shipment.
Register with their company email address
Confirm satisfaction of the above requirements and shipping address with a Cisco Meraki representative by phone

Free AP’s are not available under this promotion for partners, resellers, or consultants, and the promotional AP’s may not be used for resale or distribution. Limit one free AP per organization and per individual.

By accepting the AP you represent that you are authorized by your employer to accept the AP and that you will disclose receipt of the AP to your employer as and if required. Cisco Meraki reserves the right to not fulfill your free AP shipment in the event that the promotional AP is not certified in your country, or it is unable to clear customs at the time of shipment. The recipient is responsible for taxes and duties, if any. Due to abuse, we cannot provide promotional APs to individuals who register with yahoo, gmail, hotmail, and other email domains not registered to your company. Please speak directly to your Cisco Meraki rep if you have any questions.

Please note that U.S. K-12 schools and public libraries are not eligible to receive a free AP after attending a webinar. Instead, these customers can request a product evaluation.

* the exact model of AP will be determined by Cisco Meraki, in its sole discretion.

Bom vou tentar colocar o endereço de entrega de um amigo que está no Chile para ver se consigo o AP, porque aqui no Brasil....


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