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EVE - Emulated Virtual Environment - Next Generation

Bom pessoal, como a maioria da galera que acompanha o blog sabe, os últimos simuladores e emuladores que temos disponíveis hoje foram realizados via crowdfouding (doações) e até hoje se mantém como as melhores ferramentas grátis para labs (GNS3 e UNL), porém eles contam com algumas limitações, pensando no futuro dos emuladores a equipe que desenvolveu o UNL está realizando uma nova campanha para arrecadar fundos  para criar o EVE - Emulated Virtual Environment, um novo emulador que promete algumas coisas interessantes:

The objectives are:

No network size limit (multi clustering on different hosts)
Sharing of design (option to share labs, configs online with friend or others)
UNetLab Labs backwards compatibility
Ability to quick transpose real network to virtalization
Ability to provide a UI for teacher/student with chat box and console supervision/interaction (premium addon)
General UI reword and improvements (to be able to make 99% of things from UI, CLI will remain of course for advanced users)
Clientless - telnet,rdp,vnc,wireshark over html5
Import/export configs from/to local PC
Multi Configuration per Lab
Import gns3 and virl Labs
Simultaneous connection of multiple users to the same Lab
And much, much more
We are going to release an alpha and beta versions to the public for free (doesn't matter what perk you got), so anyone who'd like to participate in testing is always welcome.

There will be a site with all the road map and features we are going to work on, howto's, forum, blog posts and more cool stuff for collaboration and labs sharing

Our Goals:
We want to build a product and features based on your requests and complaints gather during working with UnetLab/UNL.

We are going to develop emulation platform which will be ready for any academic/learning stuff. All power will be thrown in making a one of a kind platform for everyone that will (hopefully) combine packet-tracer, gns3, virl in terms of from beginner to advanced and pro user that want to learn networking, network automation, SDN and other techs.

Choosen Technologies (might change during the work):
- Linux Ubuntu Server LTS

- Openstack - Libvirt - KVM - ( +  ability to link to multiple hypervisor)

 - Guacamole

- Apache

- Php

- Mysql

- AdminLTE (for the UI)

Use of Funds:
All the funding we'll rise will go into development of the new platform. In case we'll have an extra money, they will be spent for hiring more developers in order to speedup development and work on more features

 The main platform will remain open source and FREE
 We are going to develop premium addons, that will be added on top of the free version

Info about premium addons:
One might be afraid that EVE will be not be for free for personal use anymore with an addition of the premium addons - that is not correct.
A person who'd like to learn/evolve his skills will continue using EVE completely FREE.
Premium addons will be designed mainly for Learning centers/companies and bigger enterprises with specific business needs.
Some premium addons will be designed and added in advance by EVE team and some will be designed and added per request.

pre-Alpha - End of November 2016

Alpha - January 2017

Beta - March/April 2017

Future plans:

We will offer a ready to use on demand solution ( size , individual /  multi-user  platform )

Starting from User with 16 VCPU and 80G Ram  for a day  to specific need with price available from online calculator ( concurrent users / network size / time length )  

Other ways you can help us:
If you don't want or can't contribute, that is absolutely fine and we respect your choice, instead you can help us spread the word and share this via social sites (facebook, linkedin etc) individually or by means of Indiegogo share tools.


Bom pessoal, quem puder ajudar o projeto vai valer a pena, tenho certeza que vamos usar muito o EVE mais pra frente.


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