terça-feira, 9 de setembro de 2014

GNS3 1.0 Beta 2 Download

Galera, essa semana saiu a mais uma versão do GNS3 a Beta 2, veio com algumas correções de bugs e as seguintes alterações:

New features and other major changes

Improved VirtualBox support on Windows and Linux.
VirtualBox support on Linux/OSX requires VirtualBox wrapper version >= 9.1
New “enable console” option for VirtualBox VMs.
New “start at” option for VirtualBox VMs (adapter start index, 0 by default).
EtherSwitch support (based on a c3745 image).
Multi-drop feature (use SHIFT key while dropping a new node on the drawing area).
Default font and color for labels.
Support for rectangle and ellipse color transparency.
New topology summary options: filter devices with capture(s) and stop all captures.
Commands for the GNS3 console (version, start, stop, suspend, reload, show device, show run, help and debug).
Layers implementation (anything below layer 0 will be locked to the drawing area).
Numeric sorting for Ethernet/hub ports.
Restore default buttons for general, packet capture and GNS3 server preferences.
Changed the default port ranges.
Normalized capture file names.
More checks on device names, especially for IOS and IOU which forbid some characters.
Handles zoom in or out using the mouse wheel + CTRL. Resets the zoom using CTRL+0.
Prevent node labels to be deleted.
Hide the GNS3 server console on Windows.
The sparse memory feature is off by default for c1700 and c2600 platforms (to prevent a bug on reboot).
Our new GNS3 logo is in ther

GNS3 Beta:

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